We increasingly look to our
genomes for answers.

Jungla ensures that we find them.

In July 2019, Invitae Corporation announced
it will acquire Jungla Inc.
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Overcome Uncertainty

Beyond Sparse Clinical Knowledge

Our genetic uniqueness presents challenges to clinical care. Despite remarkable advances in genomics, much less than 1% of the genetic variants in the population are clinically understood. The resulting uncertainty in interpretation poses significant challenges for both molecular diagnostic and screening tests, as well as for tests that seek to guide therapeutic interventions. Jungla develops solutions that allow us to look deeper into our genomes.

Build On Science

Enhanced Functional Knowledge

To overcome these gaps, Jungla continuously integrates and enhances clinical knowledge with auditable functional and computational evidence in each gene and disease.

In this manner, Jungla places the data from each patient at the service of the next and provides robust, quantitative, and transparent clinical guidance.

Clear, Coherent Diagnostic Value

Whether derived from cellular assays, physics-based models, or integrative computational modeling, all evidence is evaluated uniformly and can be audited via third-party systems.

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Clinical evidence support should be accurate, systematic, auditable, transparent and always up-to-date.

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