Who We Are

Jungla was founded by team of leading experts in genomics, biophysics, cellular modeling, and technology development from Stanford University.


As pioneers in large-scale molecular and genomic technologies, we have led cross-disciplinary teams in innovative research. This work has been published in top-tier journals, including Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Genetics, and Cell, and featured in the New York Times.

Core Members

Carlos Araya, PhD

Cofounder, CEO

Alex Colavin, PhD

Cofounder, Lead of Technical Development

Jason Reuter, PhD

Cofounder, Lead of Functional Genomics

Samskruthi Padigepati, MSc

Machine Learning Engineer

Scientific, Clinical, Strategic & Business Development Advisors

Douglas Fowler, PhD

Associate Professor, Genome Sciences, University of Washington

Birgit Funke, PhD, FACMG

Associate Professor, Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Vijay Pande, PhD

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Tom Schoenherr

Chief Commercial Officer, Counsyl, Ambry, Omada

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